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Tara McCracken stocks high-quality biographies, non-fiction, contemporary and classic fiction and humor.  One of the things we like best about Tara is that she's so  good about helping customers find what they're looking for - sometimes even if they don't know what they're looking for.  Tara's also a great one to talk books, because like all good book dealers, Tara is a good book-reader.

A challenge the specialists in children's books face that dealers in adult titles don't is that they have to know what books are right for what stage in a child's development.  We think Marita Dougherty does that as well as anyone.  Her selections at Printed Page include illustrated books, series, young adult, classics and out-of-print authors and the Landmark and We Were There books that those of us of a certain age remember so fondly from our youth.  Marita's books are also priced very competitively, too.

Phone:   303-777-7653


Address;   1416 South Broadway

                 Denver, Colorado 80210



In her 19 years as a book dealer, Toni Dunrud has shown a knack for selecting books in great condition and putting them in the hands of customers looking for either special collectibles or current titles, whether those books be children's titles, Western Americana, classic and modern fiction, Native American, fishing, golf, baseball, railroads, cookbooks, military history and other popular subjects.  She also offers ephemera at Printed Page Bookshop, including magazines, postcards and sheet music. 


ABT Books offers a fine selection of classic prose and poetry, philosophy and spirituality.